Three Types of Acting School Teachers
21.05.2014 17:04

In my knowledge, acting school teachers fall into 3 kinds.


The first will be the 'pleaser'. This type of teacher just desires to please the student and won't lead to any waves. They do not like obtaining to confront and they themselves are hunting for approval in the student. The issue with this is that, as a teacher, you should confront students as a way to move their capacity on. Also, it is dishonest. If a student's work just isn't very good, they need to have to know or they are going to by no means improve. Actually, this sort of acting college teacher is deadly to a student's progress.


A teacher just isn't there to be a student's best buddy; they are there to have the student to reach their full possible - and which can mean difficult the student.


The other kind of acting college teacher is definitely the 'dinosaur'. This is an acting school teacher who has been in an acting college for 100 years and has lost touch with the existing acting sector. You come across this in a few of the old drama schools. The teacher has worked for the college considering the fact that 1895 and they do not need to eliminate them simply because they've been there so lengthy. They may have some insights of worth around the craft but they haven't kept apace with all the existing acting business and its demands.


This really is also not a perfect predicament. As with any business, it is critical that acting students are up-to-date about how to navigate the industry and what is going to be demanded of them once they finish instruction.


The last sort of acting college teacher is definitely the 'truth teller'. I'd place myself in this category. This type of teacher will tell you like it is - warts and all. They do it to not offend but to create pressure whereby the student pushes themselves to their complete possible. The teacher also desires to nurture as well as confront. The student ought to be aware that the teacher has their finest interests at heart, to ensure that when the complicated critics arise they are able to deal with them.


I guess there may be a fourth kind of acting school teacher and that is the sort that only confronts and tears a student down but does not build them back up. This can be counterproductive and won't enable the student to move on. Plus, this kind of teacher almost certainly has the student's most effective interests at heart.


As with most issues in life, a balance is expected.


My individual bugbear with some acting school teachers is that they treat it as an ego trip whereby they discuss practically nothing but themselves. The procedure of teaching an individual isn't concerning the teacher - it is about training the student. Prevalent sense really.


An awesome teacher is able to place their very own ego to one particular side and make it regarding the student. A teacher is within the enterprise of helping other people and passing on their know-how.


The exciting factor about excellent teachers is that they would like to function using the most effective students and that generally could be challenging for the teacher.


In spite of what you could possibly consider, believe me, there is certainly not an abundance of good students. What I mean by "great" is the fact that they're open, eager and willing to put inside the hours.


It's a two-way street. Anyone who's highly skilled at a thing wants to operate with other individuals who're easy to operate with and have the potential to become fantastic also.


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